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Jason recently went on a trip to Oregon for work.  Just a few months prior to his trip I ran across a few blogs from Oregon and it had quickly become a dream of mine to go there.  So when he came home from work one day last fall and told me he was doing some training in Portland, I have to admit I was a little {well, maybe a lot} jealous that he got to go and I had to stay behind.  He promised to take lots of pictures for me!  I think he did amazing!

It seemed like a great opportunity to share the pictures along with the lyrics to this amazing song by Phillips Craig and Dean.  It is titled "How Great You Are".  The meaning behind the words is amazing and is such a great reminder of how much God loves us.

"A thousand sparkling stars upon a midnight summer sky
The majesty and wonder of the oceans endless tide
And the more I see the more I can't explain
How the one who set the world in place
Could even know my name and I'm amazed, I'm so amazed

How great You are, how small I am
How awesome is your mighty hand
and I'm captured by the wonder of it all
And I will offer all my praise with all my heart for all my days
How great you are, How great you are, How great you are

A million snowflakes gently fall, yet no two are the same
For colors fill the canvas of the seasons as they change
And everywhere I look I see your hand
Why you would love someone like me
I'll never understand and I'm amazed, I'm so amazed"

How Great You Are lyrics © Dawn Treader Music; Dudedabe Music

God's creation is so majestic.  How blessed we are to be loved by Him!

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