Lovely Lavender

We had so much fun last month with the {green} theme.  This month we wanted to go with something that made us excited for Spring and celebrates Easter as well.

So we are going to go with Lavender.  I am super excited about this, because this has been one of my favorite colors since I was a child.

Lilacs bloom in early spring and are a great welcome to one of our most favorite seasons!

This glass dish is absolutely stunning, and take a look at those tulips aren't they a wonderful color?

This is such a beautiful photo collage from the littlebrownpen etsy shop.
Their work makes you feel as though you have been to Paris.  We can't help by envy people with such wonderful talent...

We can't wait to share some other beautiful {purple} inspiration we have found. 
Thank you so much for enjoying the fun with us!

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