Fair Booth and Sleeping Babies

We are officially ready for business for the craft fair this weekend!

We are very pleased with how the display booth turned out.  Well, except for the very busy carpet that they have on the floors at the convention center, but I suppose there is nothing we can do abut that. 

We are so grateful to our dad who made our {beautiful} display racks.  They are amazing!

It is kind of hard in this picture to distinguish what is ours and what belongs to the {lovely} couple who have the booth beside us.  Sorry about that.   We have a long way to go where photography is concerned. 
We have added some new products to our shop:
pillow case covers
 rugs {seen in the bottom left}
fabric wreaths
and luggage tags

Our personal new favorite is this tea towel!  We absolutely adore it.  I think I've even seen Amy steal a couple for her personal use.

Of course nothing could win my heart more than these precious little gifts!
Poor things, they just get hauled around most days from one of my activities to the next.
Jordan assured me that he would not fall asleep before we got home last night.  His plan was to sing to me the whole way home.  He made it through one round of twinkle, twinkle little star and about 30 seconds later he was out.

It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day....I couldn't ask for anything more!

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  1. found your blog from Burlap and Blue - you guys are cute. Hope the craft fair treated you well!