Seaside Style

To those of you who live near a coast... I am so jealous.  There must be some disadvantages to living near water and sand, but I certainly do not know what they may be.  You will have to enlighten me if you know of any!  Along with the fun in the sun and on the sand what more could there be!  INTERIORS!

The interiors of most coastal homes consist of cool colors that take on the same hues of the sand, water, and foam all paired with splashes of colors that remind you of bright tropical flowers.  It is amazing how something as simple as color can be so calming and refreshing.

Here are some inspiring homes that really embrace the coastal look.  I love them because they still feel warm and inviting with a little bit of country charm!

Loving these looks!  We will be taking a beach vacation soon, I must have the "beach bug".

What are some of your vacation spots?  Do you find that they add inspiration to your decorating style?

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