Family Vacation 2011

We are so sorry for the lack of posts lately, but we have been on vacation!

Dad and mom treated us to a family vacation this year to Panama City Beach, FL.  It was a blast!!  We feel so so blessed to be part of a family that enjoys spending time together and is able to share the same house for a week and still come away loving each other.

Panama City Beach is absolutely stunning.: beautiful white sand, emerald green water, and the perfect wave {enough to move you and possibly even knock you down, but not enough to take you out to sea}.

One afternoon we rented a pontoon and headed to Shell Island.  This was a highlight of the trip.  You are able to dock on the island and hunt shells.  We found a lot of shells but most of them were being inhabited by crabs.  We came back with a few...we attempted to find some without crabs in them and bring those home.  Jordan claims that this was his favorite part of the trip, he loved hunting crabs.  Sounds just like a little boy to me...

Jeremiah and Amy spent one morning doing some deep sea fishing through Captain Andersons Marina.  Jeremiah had always wanted to take a deep sea fishing trip and said it was everything he thought it would be.  They caught a lot of fish, enough to feed all 9 of us for dinner one evening!  Thanks for sharing Jeremiah and Amy!

Now we are home and back to reality, trying not to be discouraged  that we had to leave....longing for sand in our toes and some seaweed in our bathing suits {well, maybe that is stretching it a little}.

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