Just a Swingin'

Angie and I were little girls when John Anderson's {Swingin'} hit number one on the radio. 
I remember trying to get our porch swing as high as it could go while singing "Yeah, and we'll be swingin'. (swingin'), Yes, we'll be swingin'. (swingin')"  at the top of our lungs...

...When our dad {John Kennedy} started making this porch swing, I couldn't help but let these fun memories flood my mind. He is an amazing craftsman and sells wonderful things out of his workshop.  

If anyone in the Northwest Arkansas area would like an heirloom quality swing {or any other custom item} just convo us and we'll get you in contact with our dad!

Yeah, and we'll be swingin'. (swingin')
Yes, we'll be swingin'. (swingin')
Little Charlotte she's as pretty as the angels when they sing.
I can't believe I'm out here on her front porch in this swing,
Just a swingin' (swingin')

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