Paper Flower Pomander DIY

For girls, the dream of a beautiful wedding day begins long before we are an appropriate age to marry.  It starts when we are very young.  When a little girl has the honor of being a flower girl it becomes a highlight of her life, a day she feels important, pretty, and valued.

Here is a simple DIY project you can do for the special little girl you have invited to be a part of your big day.  The fun thing about this paper flower pomander - it is something she can take home with her and play with over and over again.  Just think of the fun she will have as she pretends to walk down the aisle.

To make this project you will need the following supplies:
  • 5" Styrofoam Ball
  • 7 Sheets of cardstock (I got mine from Hobby Lobby and used 3 Pastel Pink Vellum, 2 Cream Vellum, 2 Fireweed Metallic) 
  • 3 packages of 144 count pearl topped corsage pins
  • Ribbon (I used pink and ivory from my shop

Step 1: Cut out your flower shapes.  I downloaded a simple floral pattern onto my silhouette and let it do the cutting for me.  If you do not have a silhouette you can do it yourself by using a paper punch.  I like this Martha Stewart Punch from WalMart.  You will need around 300 flowers.

Step 2: Gently curl the tops of the flower edges.  You can use the edge of a butter knife or a pencil.  Now you have a pretty bowl of petals and all of your materials.  
Step 3: Begin attaching petals to the styrofoam ball. I gently folded mine for some added dimension before attaching.
Step 4: Attach Ribbon.  Once you have attached 3/4 of the petals it is time to add ribbon.  Take 1 yard of ribbon and fold it in the center.  Measure 6-8 inches from the center loop and attach it to the ball with 2-3 corsage pins.  This will leave you with a 6-8" loop for holding the pomander and 2 streamers with which to make your bow.  After making your bow you will continue adding petals until you have completed the entire ball.

And you are finished!

Now you are able to present it to the special little girl you chose to be a part of your big day.  I am sure it will be a joy to behold as she delights in the special gift you made just for her!