Fresh Favorites

Recently I have fallen in love with a pink,charcoal, and cream pairing of colors. Most of the time when I see pink and black paired together it tends to remind me of life growing up in the 80's, a little too retro and graphic for my taste, but done correctly this pairing can look very soft and feminine.

FLEUR Branding 
Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a flower shop this beautiful?

Favorite Branding 
 To receive a package this soft with these wonderful font pairings would make any lady feel special.

Favorite Outfit in Pink        
Oh my!  I love everything about this outfit but the purse is my absolute favorite.

Favorite Packaging
Simple pink packages tied up with different widths and patterns of charcoal ribbon look stunning.

Favorite Flower and Vase Pairing 
Love the stripe and flower combination. The pink ruffle in the flowers pair wonderfully with the strong geometric pattern of the vase.

Favorite Pink Blossoms
God's beauty is amazing. I would love to find a cherry blossom lined street in the spring and get some pictures of my family.

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