Dreaming is so much fun!

It is a gloomy, rainy Thursday here in Northwest Arkansas.  This type of weather makes me want to be at home painting or sewing, creating comfy spaces.  Since I can't be doing either of those things right now, I thought I would dream a little.  Dreaming is such a fun part of the process of creating beautiful things and beautiful places.  Let's give it the time it deserves!!

Oh, the things I would love to do to my house.
This is thepleatedpoppy's living room.  I love so many things about her house.  Jason and I took a {blog} tour recently and gained lots of inspiration and ideas for some things we would like to do to our house.  I love the way that she keeps her primary colors light, but adds bursts of color in her accessories.  Also, I need to point out her front door!  Isn't it fun!

Same style, just a different place.  The next two pictures were found at The Lettered Cottage.
Their blog is so fun to peruse.  This talented couple take the most beautiful pictures!

I love to dream about lots of things: vacation destinations, house decorating {obviously}and renovations, the future of White Washed Comfort, my children's future, the future for me and Jason.  What are some things you dream of?

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