The Circus

Isn't it amazing when something happens at just the right time?  Well, we had one of those moments happen a couple of weeks ago.
We were just finishing up a unit study in our homeschooling that was dedicated to The Circus when I found out that at the end of the week there was going to be a circus coming to town.  My mom (Grandma) had told me about it, and even had some passes that allowed the kids to get in free!
Grandma and I took the kids, and boy did she spoil them.  They feasted on popcorn and snow cones, had their faces painted, got a new coloring book and a balloon each (a snake for Jordan and a pony for Alissa), and they had a blast.

I am sad that I didn't get any pictures of the circus performers but it was really dark in the arena so I couldn't get any good ones.

Alissa had her face painted to be a fairy.  She said her favorite part of the circus was the elephant.

Jordan had his face painted to look like Spider Man.  The white around his eyes played tricks on me.  It made him almost unrecognizable.  He said his favorite part of the circus was the dirt bikes that rode around each other in the sphere.  I have to admit it was really amazing.

I think the circus lived up to all they expected it to be and then some.  I'm glad we got to see it.