Nautical Table Number DIY

In keeping with the nautical theme, I thought it would be fun to do a DIY project that you could add to your nautical inspired wedding. This sail boat is sure to make any table setting look great.

Let's gather some materials! You will need:
  • Boat - you can find these in the wooden crafts at your local hobby store
  • Paint - I used Americana in Navy Blue and Snow White
  • Dowel Rod
  • Metal Eye Hooks
  • White piece of scrap fabric
  • Jute twine (not pictured)
  • Paint Brushes

First you will want to paint the main hull of the boat and the dowel rod. My boat had some legs attached so that it can stand, I painted those white as well.

Next paint any trim portions of your boat that you would like to be the contrasting color.

 Now it is time to add the eye hooks. This portion was a little hard on my fingers and was probably the hardest part of this project.  You may want to try holding the eye hook with a set of pliers, your fingers will thank you.

 I added 3 eye hooks to the dowel rod and 3 to the boat (one is behind the dowel rod and unable to be seen in this picture). You can position the eye hooks differently depending on where you want your sails positioned and what shape you would like them to have.

Finally you are ready to add your sails. Just take some simple dimensions from eye hook to eye hook and then cut out 2 sails to match those dimensions. Paint in the table number on one of the sails and then attach the sails to the boat. I attached my sails to a piece of jute rope with my sewing machine. If you do not like to sew, that is perfectly fine, you can attach them to the back of the sail with some small dabs of hot glue. Then tie the remaining jute around the eye hooks.

Didn't it turn out completely adorable?  I am sure yours would turn out just as pretty.  If you like the paper roses I used in these pictures you can find the template and instructions on


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