Stunning and Simple Boxwood Place Cards

It sometimes amazes me how the simplest of ideas and projects can put on the most amazing of performances. This is definitely the case with these place cards. They are simple, inexpensive, and very quickly put together yet they are also refined and lovely.

If you are preparing for your wedding and it appears that your budget is beginning to get tight, this may be a great place to help reign it back in. Or, you simply may want to use these place cards because of the stunning and polished look they contribute. Either way, you can't go wrong.

 Time to gather your materials. For this project you will need:
Cardstock (I used a light brown from Hobby Lobby)
1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon
Hole Punch
Boxwood Clippings
Access to Microsoft Word or any other application you are familiar with
Begin by entering your guest list onto a word document. Enter the names so that each line has 2 names. You will be cutting your paper at 5.5" (down the center) make sure your names line up so that the name has at least 2" of open space in front of it for your boxwood sprig. This will vary depending on the length of the name.

Choose a nice font (my font is Palace Script MT and is 72pt.)

Once your documents are printed use a paper cutter to cut each place card. Mine were 4.75" x 1".

Punch a hole in the top center portion of the place card for your ribbon to weave through.
Cut your ribbon in 11" strips and tie together on the ends.

Gently insert the looped portion of your ribbon through the hole of the place card (begin on the top side of card, pulling to the bottom). Once you have the loop through, take the tied portion of the ribbon and weave through the loop. Gently pull the tied portion so that the loop makes a close bond to the place card. Be careful and don't pull to tightly otherwise you will rip your paper...I know from experience.

Next, take some boxwood clippings (I would not do this step any sooner than 2 days prior to your event, as the boxwood will begin losing color and start to brown). Trim each clipping down to 2-3" and gently weave under the loop made on your card with the ribbon.

That's it, you're done.

I hope you are pleased with the way your cards turn out and are able to use the money you saved doing this DIY project yourself on something that you absolutely would love to have.



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