A Forever Composed of "Nows"

I love this quote by Emily Dickinson, especially in relationship to marriage. It is a fantastic reminder that the wonderful, forever marriage we all long for is not something that just magically appears. It is a result of how we spend our "now's". It encourages us to consider, "How am I using the time I have right now?", because now is what matters.

 If it is the small moments, the large moments, and all of the moments in-between that build forever, how do we practically use those moments to build something wonderful?
Some ideas that come to mind (and remember many of these are simple because all it takes is just a moment) are as follows:
hold his hand
say "I love you"
send an encouraging text message
 ask how you can help him
spend some quality time with him after he comes home from work
show grace
thank him for something he has done

What are some things you do for your spouse to help build a "forever" that is wonderful? I would love to hear.

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