Donuts and Apple Cider

Have you ever noticed how the coming of fall seems to directly impact the taste buds? I'm not sure about you, but my pallet seems to start craving comfort foods as the seasons change.
This inspiration board full of wonderful harvest inspiration and an apple theme had me longing for some sweet apple cider and donuts.

If you are planning a fall wedding or event here is a simple display that is sure to bring in the flavor and feeling of fall.

To make this cute display gather up the following:
plastic containers (I found mine here)
bamboo skewers
donut holes
labels or tags

For fun, because I am by no means a great cook, I decided to try my hand at making some pumpkin donut holes. 

This recipe was wonderful and very tasty. To achieve a circle shape I used a mini muffin pan rather than a donut shaped pan. I made cider using my mom's trusty method of simmering apple juice with red hots.  It is always very good  and is exactly how I feel cider should taste.

Once you have the donuts and cider you are ready to begin assembling the skewers.

 After adding the donut holes, add a pretty ribbon or two.  I mixed a simple brown ribbon with a pretty brown stitched burlap ribbon that you can find here.

Next add a label that is appropriate for your event, attach with some twine.

Now it is time to enjoy!

Such a simply sweet project that is also extremely lovely. Ours were snatched up in minutes and enjoyed by all.
Do you have a favorite fall comfort food? If so, I would love for you to share.  It is always fun to find a new sweet treat to try.


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